The main symptoms of fibromyalgia: do ANY/ALL of these symptoms apply to you? (a Click here to view diagram)


  1. Blurred vision/double vision/astigmatism/photophobia -sensitive to light ie sunshine, overhead office/shopping mall lights/computers
  2. Inability to sleep/Restless sleep pattterns + waking up sore and very stiff for a period of 3-6 months or more
  3. 1 or more relative with similar complaints
  4. Phonophobia = cant bare loud noises, +tmj pain (can be felt at muscles next to ears when mouth is wide open)
  5. Tinitus (ringing in the ears)
  6. muscular (myofascial) pain-widespread and/extreme pain from cranium, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, pelvic girdle, hips, thighs, inner knees, hamstrings, Achilles tendons, feet-leaving 1 feeling battered and bruised as if pain coming from the inside not outside, burning sensations, electric shocks face, hands,
  7. Brain fog/non-cognitive ability/short term memory loss-worsening
  8. Dropping  anything you were in the past able to hold
  9. Becoming socially phobic
  11. Evidience-based medicine finding no reulsts on radiololgical/blood testings
  12. Hormonal testings baffeling
  13. Viral testings above normal limits eg after having glandular fever
  14. Weak, letharargic, slowly becoming worse, even if you were most physically able in the past
  15. Pain beyond description in all/ some parts of the muscular structure of the cranium and body
  16. Falling down suddenly, ie knees buckling
  17. Not steady on feet, have to be aware + wary of walking too fast/slow
  18. Have been told 'you have a connective tissue disorder' - this is actually the tissues + ligaments surrounding the TENDER POINT muscles ONLY in Fibromyalgia, when TRIGGER POINT muscles LOCK DOWN over tender point large muscles.
  19. Feel worse after massages, reflexology. acupuncture, lidocaine injections, cortisone injections within a 12 hr period
  20. Finding yourself LOST when driving, even to a familiar spot
  21. Live (for long time/not) with emotional trauma and stress (minmum 6 months)
  22. Had physical trauma and stress + now have the above-named symptoms
  23. Allergies/allergens to foods+ drinks, medications, pollutants- eg paint, gas, petrol, cigarette smoke, smog, fires, smoke etc
  24. Know that 'you cannot eat certain foods/drink certain drinks'/ get sick when having eaten 'you do not know what'
  25. Chemical allergies eg petrol, kitchen cleansers, smoke
  26. Known food allergies and medicine allergies
  27. Sugar cravings, salt cravings.- this is also , along with extreme fatigue, large symptom of ADRENAL FATIGUE
  28. High/low blood sugar +/Insulin notated in the past (SEE INSULIN RESISTANCE BELOW) Told you have Type 2 Diabetes on just a glucose test,/told your glucose and insulin are too HIGH
  29. Had MRI/CT scans etc to 'eliminate' something sinister, but negative test results continuously
  30. Murderous' pain in head, neck, face, shoulders, chest wall, pelvis, legs, hands, feet
  31. Restless sleep/ with pain and stiffness upon arising/inability to sleep even though exhausted-can lead to insomnia if fm together with adrenal fatigue/ cfs/+ me-cfids +/chronic fatigue adjoins as a ‘double whammy’ with needing to sleep for long hours, thus having no set sleep pattern at all. sleep is 'allowed' by the pineal gland of brain that produces the hormone melatonin, which, in all these conditions, is disrupted thus influencing these terrible sleep patterns. See ADRENAL FATIGUE in NEWSLETTERS
  32. Restless Leg Syndrome
  33. Dry Eye Syndrome
  34. Sicca Syndrome
  35. Thyroid either hypoactive with any of the above conditions/under active with any of the above conditions 
  36. Have been told you have Insulin Resistance/reactive hypoglycaemia (on hormonal blood testing)
  37. Endocrine system (hormonal system) dysfunction (ie low estrogen+progestrone, high/very low cortisol, low dhea and testosterone + under active generally but sometimes overactive thyroid function ) – (on blood testing)/ on blood testing, the results are incorrectly interpreted and one is told ‘these look normal’
  38. Inability to have good self esteem
  39. Poor self image
  40. 'Responsible' feelings for all but self
  41. Self victimising, habitual behaviour
  42. Feel 'different' to others- for a long time
  43. Poor circulation - too hot , too cold
  44. Over-emotional
  45.  Your Children have similar symptoms
  46. Parent/s have had similar/ worse/lesser conditions
  47. Siblings/cousins have similar/different health problems
  48. In denial for a long/short time that 'something called 'fibromyalgia' can disfunction one so badly
  49. Males/females - low libido, painful sexual intercourse
  51. Irritable Bladder and 
  52. Irritable Bowel Syndomes





  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (females) with any of the above symptoms + Endometreosis
  • Early hysterectomy with any of the above conditions
  • Children having 'growing pains' and 'vertigo' with low muscle tone/high muscle tone
  • Mood swings/panic attacks/anxiety attacks-unexplained with the above symptoms (perhaps since childhood )
  • Controlling personality/out of control of one’s life with the above symptoms
  • Perfectionist and cannot delegate with any of the above symptoms 
  • Victim to non-supportive friends/family with the above symptoms
  • Addictions problems of any sort (ie caffeine+tannin, OTC pain meds, BEHAVIORAL ADDICTIONS, other addictions) with the above symptoms
  • A parent having been alcoholic/drug abuser - seen within yourself/siblings with any of the above conditions
  • Battling to stay employed due to taking so much sick leave from work because of the above symptoms
  • No medical practitioner can ‘find out’ what is wrong/‘don’t believe’ in fibromyalgia/know about functional medical conditions + radiological/intrusive biopsies etc show 'no EVIDENCE BASED MEDICAL OUTCOMES for a diagnosis' thus you have been put onto anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, analgesics
  • Been sent to phyciatrists and psycholigists with above symptoms for the above reasons
  • Been  in  hospital situation due to any of above/below circumstances, without resolution/medical explanations 
  • Looking after everyone but oneself with above symptoms+'forgetting about oneself'
  • Characteristic trait- 'only I can do this'.. not able to delegate/ask for help 
  • Been/are in abusive/codependent relationships and suffer with any of the above conditions
  • Happy/unhappy childhood with the above symptoms from or apparent at another stage of life and symptoms are continuous – ie longer than 6 months and worsening
  • Unexplained weight gain/loss
  • Thyroid problems - under or over active/ Graves Diseease/Hashimodos Disease
  • Raynaud's syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis


  • Been told you have CFS+/ME when you may have 'Adrenal Fatigue' and FMS
  • Dropping things suddenly or gradually - ie hand/finger muscular weakness
  • Bumping into things
  • Falling over 'your feet'
  • Vertigo/dizziness/lfeel light-headed with BRAIN FOG
  • Been told you have OA without being truly tested, been given Trepiline and feel worse, been sent to neurologist, phychiatrist, on many phsychotrophic meds that make you fell worse with the any of the above conditions
  • Depression -being given SSRI/MAO's with repeat scripts without feeling any better
  • Disinterest in social activities
  • Panic +anxiety attacks for longer than 6 months/ since childhood
  • HOT/COLD FLUSHES at any age

These are the most nb symptoms apparent in fibromyalgia, the illness that is correctly now called ‘ functional medicine', not ‘organic, scientific medicine', as the systems in the brain from the cns, ans, endocrine, muscular/skeletal, sensory, sympathetic +para-sympathetic systems + hypothalamus+ pineal gland, have all ‘dysfunctioned'. This dysfunctionality of the brain eventually implodes its pain into the tenderpoint muscles and trigger point muscles of the body, and in turn the lymphatic, lymbic and immune systems are compromised.

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