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Subject: End Your Sleep Struggles


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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   Rx Pain Pill Abuse Up 400%
   Tips for Coping With Fibro Sweats
   Bedtime Routines That Ease Night Pain


How to End Your
Sleep Struggles

Fibromyalgia is a notorious sleep stealer.
View this slideshow for ways to finally
get some much-needed shut-eye.
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   12 Tips for Coping With Fibro
   Things You Can Do About Pain
   How Fibromyalgia Affects Men


Health News & Features

Rx Pain Pill Abuse Up 400%
Pain pill abuse has skyrocketed. See who's at
risk and learn why so many are part of the trend.
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   How Is Fibromyalgia Affecting Your Life?
   Top Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Tips for Coping With Fibro Sweats
Is sweating one of your symptoms?
Share tips for managing fibro sweats.
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   Fibromyalgia-Friendly Exercises
   Tips for Weaning Off Narcotic Pain Drugs

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   Are You Depressed? Do a Quick Symptom Check



Bedtime Routines That Ease Nighttime Pain
Sleep loss is extra harmful when you've got fibromyalgia.
What others are doing to help themselves catch some ZZZs.

Join the discussion in the WebMD Fibromyalgia Community.


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